What’s up with BitByByte in 2018?

Yes, we have been silent for quite a while with neither posts nor updates on our game Planet Shock but we have a good reason for it! We have been building our company and becoming financially stable so we can do more gamedev we always dreamed of.

Regardless of the long silence, we’ve kept busy and have done incredible stuff with Planet Shock since it got green lit on Steam in May 2016. We have implemented bunch of new features and assets, hey you can even customize own Drones! Lot of the graphics got an update with 3D models, and overall the game is starting to become more and more polished. Check out some screens of the new visuals!

It took its own time to get to this point and we are planning to have it released during this year since we have new projects brewing. We cannot wait to share more of what games we are working on and get the game testers active.

Last, but not least, we also took part of #GGJX with awesome team, where we made a roguelike game from scratch in 48h, complete with procedural dungeons – so_much_fun! Check the trailer and give it a try at GGJ pages.