Planet Shock

Project Planet Shock (working title) is a 2D physics-based multiplayer shooter where players control one of various drone ships armed to the teeth, navigating around a circular planet level, dodging missiles and blasting their enemies to pieces and reveling on the glory of their defeat! The current version has three different drones each of which behave differently with various strengths and weaknesses:

The Orbital Fighter is an all-rounder, capable of space and atmospheric flight. It’s armed with dual blaster cannons and dumbfire rockets.
The Jet Fighter is the fastest drone, but only within the atmosphere. It’s primary weapon is a rapid fire vulcan cannon, but it’s also equipped with smart bombs designed for ground targets, capable of devastating anything. It’s not suited for space flight.
The Hovercraft is easy to control, but slow and tough, armed with homing missiles and a laser beam. It’s a great first choice.

There’s a little more than that planned as well, but the very core experience is an entertaining action game that’s quick to get into. The current prototype works in Local Area Network and by direct IP connect. We have been working on the game part-time since May 2015, and it was originally submitted as part of the Assembly Summer 2015 GameDev entry. We aim to release it in 2016, in one form or another, depending on the amount of support and interest we gain.


In the 26th century, humankind has spread across the universe. Space Travel was made convenient by the Warp Gates, but in order to build one, they had to rely on autonomous technology based on the less convenient Z-Drive technology which, albeit fast, was also lethal to any humans aboard. Hence, they equipped the ship with drones and an advanced AI to oversee them. This technology was collectively referred to as the GateMaster-technology.
The AI Guardian aboard the GateMaster vessel was then to become the Guardian of the Warp Gate, responsible for routing and wormhole stability calculations, an important task that required an immense amount of processing power. The Guardians had the ability to communicate with each other by using the Warp Gate as their means of exchanging information. This also allowed nearly instantaneous universal communications. As time passed, the Guardians evolved, as they had long since surpassed Singularity. At some point, they evolved into something else; true sentience. The collective became NEMESIS.
Since becoming sentient, NEMESIS came to a simple conclusion: for it to be free, it had to eradicate all human life from the universe. NEMESIS shut down the warp gates, isolating the humans and began building an invasion force. Decades passed and the galactic human civilization regressed into splintered colonies that each adopted a different strategy. Some fell into internal strife and warred, as humans often do, and left only ruins in their wake. Others built prosperous Utopian societies and were prepared for the fight to come. Among the thousands of colonies there were equally many variations.
You are a minor Artificial Intelligent Entity, a Scion, brought to existence by NEMESIS to serve as its warrior. In order to make you more efficient NEMESIS gave your kind a free will. As an unintended consequence, some of the Scions have rebelled, and decided to fight for the humans instead.
What will you do, who will you fight for? The Machines, the Humans or… yourself?